Activate Add-Ons - Krypton® Multi

Kuntze offers various add-ons for our analyzers. Understand what is offered and how to add them to your analyzer below.

In this menu you can activate add-ons.
You will need the 6-character code you have received with your purchase to add one or more of the following features:
  1. ORP measurement
  2. Conductivity measurement
  3. Second Free/Total Chlorine measurement
  4. 5 analog outputs
  5. Automatic sensor cleaning ASR®
  6. Data logger with trend view
  7. Modbus RTU (RS 485) – needs additional hardware
Steps to activate add-ons:
1.  Main menu >  SYSTEM >  ADD-ON
2. A keyboard appears to enter the add-on code
IMPORTANT: The input is case-sensitive! Observe capital and small letters
3. After a successful activation, the display shows which features have been activated, and the instrument restarts. If the entered code was incorrect, no message appears, and the previous settings are maintained.
Note: We recommend to reset all settings or start configuration to factory settings after activating add-ons, see Factory Reset - Krypton® Multi