Argon StabiFlow® Flow Cell: Diagram

The assembly has many parts and the diagram below identifies the components to add in cleaning and maintenance.

An important part of maintenance is the cleaning of all parts that come in contact with water.
Apart from the cleaning of sensors, all assemblies, pipes and tubes, filters, flow meters, stopcocks, valves, etc. should be cleaned as needed to ensure proper functionality. Cleaning frequency depends on water quality and standards.

Coatings, deposits, and biofilm can weaken the measurement, impede the water flow, and even damage the sensor.

Note: It is recommended to use only water and perhaps a soft brush for cleaning. Many synthetic materials are affected by acids or organic solvents!

The Argon StabiFlow® assembly is equipped with a filter. To clean the filter, unscrew the inlet, take out the filter and rinse it clean. Take care during reassembly that all components and seals are in their proper position.


Exploded View of  Argon StabiFlow® Assembly