Conductivity Sensor Options

There are three ways for quoting Conductivity:


1. Krypton Multi with the EC Add-on (need to know conductivity range to program within the Krypton Multi)

This threads into normal acrylic flow cell.

2. Neon EC instrument with LE-44 PT sensor (tempearature integrated) Mainly used for low conductivity applications such as drinking water. Need to know the customer conductivity range to choose the correct LE44 sensor/range and the correct c-value. 


There are 2 methods of installation:

- In pipe fitting ( GE- 25 V(G) PP

- Submersible fitting (GE 251 PP LF) * However you will need the different LE44 PT (4SCR) 

3. Neon IL instrument with IL 15 sensor - Measuring range is selectable within instrument so it is not so critical for measuring range. Meant for dirty water (fracking sites, wastewater applications) 

There are 2 methods of installation: 

- In process thread in pipe (GD40 IL PVC) 

Image preview

- submersible fitting (GE 251 PP LF)