Digital Input 1 (no water)

What to do when you receive a digital input 1 (no water) message on the analyzer.

Typical Result:

  • Most Common- There is insufficient flow 
  • Common- Digital input 1 setting direction 
  • Least Common-  Flow cell blocked or clogged

To check the function of the flow sensor, you have to take out the FTG sensor and the float.

To take out the FTG, hold the clamp down with a screwdriver while pulling the sensor out.

To take out the float, unscrew the upper forward thread bar and lever out the FTG holder with a screwdriver, then turn the assembly upside-down or pull the float out with a magnet.


Put the float against the tip of the FTG sensor: the message should disappear.

If not, measure the resistance between the white and brown wire. The measured value should be 100 Ohm when the float is placed against the sensor tip, and infinite if removed. If this is not the case the FTG and/or float have to be replaced.