DIS Slope Error Message - Krypton® Multi

Understand the common reasons why you may be experiencing a DIS slope error on your analyzer.

Typical Result:

  1. Most Common- Sensor needs to be cleaned and recalibrated
  2. Common-  pH range is off. pH value must be between 6 and 8 (for bleach)
  3. Least Common- Sensor is old, replace sensor

DIS slope error

Cause: After calibration, the slope was not within the tolerances
Suggested remedies: Check reference, check temperature (and temperature compensation), repeat calibration, change sensor
If "DIS Slope" error message appears, first check what the slope value is. If the value lies between zero and the tolerated minimum, the sensor signal output is too low.

DIS Sensor Slopes

“Ideal slope” refers to the at-works setting. The real slope can vary from that value, depending on measuring conditions, and sensor.
A low slope can for example be the result of wrong or missing temperature compensation.
If the slope is exactly zero, there was no measuring signal during calibration. This can be caused by lack of measuring water/flow, which should additionally trigger a "DI1 - No water" alarm.
Note: The slope message remains until a new calibration yields values within the tolerances – or until somebody resets all settings to factory settings.