Kuntze Argon StabiFlow®

The Argon StabiFlow® is critical to the Kuntze measurement. Watch a short video and read below to learn more about its functionality.

Kuntze Argon Stabiflow®


What are the Flow Rate Requirements?

To produce a precise and consistent disinfectant measurement, a constant flow of water through the assembly is required.

The Kuntze Argon StabiFlow® regulates and controls the flow through system sample line at a constant and consistent 8 GPH. To achieve this, the inlet flow rate needs to be 8.5 GPH or higher.  

Pressure Specifications

min. 5 psi 

max. 87 psi 

Note:  The Kuntze disinfectant measurement is pressure proof up to 87 psi, but the more controlled and lower the psi, the less opportunity for operational hiccups.  


The Argon Stabiflow® contains:

  • A multi-sensor to monitor temperature and flow switch (on or off)
  • A filter
  • And a check valve

The Argon StabiFlow® can be used with any of Kuntze disinfectant sensors.