Lifespan of a Kuntze pH Sensor

The maximum lifespan of a pH sensor is dependent on the water quality (temperature, flow, pollution, aggressive media etc.), which can vary from each water sample. 

In storage a pH sensor will age. Take storage precautions such as: Storing in a temperature controlled environment and using the KCl filled protective caps (provided with sensor).  

A common sign of aging for a pH sensor is a gradual decrease in calibration slope over time. Past calibration data is stored in Kuntze's Cloud Connect® service.

If your sensor's calibration values are no longer inside the mathematical calculation window of the instrument, an error message will show. 

If a new calibration performed with best practice methods does not improve the calibration values, the sensor requires replacement.  

The mathematical window:

ideal slope -           59.2 mV/pH       window  - 57.0 to 60.0 mV/pH

ideal zero point -    0 mV                 window - ±60 mV