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What is ASR®?

Kuntze's patented ASR® technology effectively removes pollutants from senor surface. Learn more about the technology below.


Automatic Sensor Cleaning, or ASR®, is Kuntze's patented sensor cleaning technology.

The cleaning is carried out electrochemically by the electrolysis of water: H2O >> O2 and H2

The electrochemical cleaning is multi layered:

  • Water splits into hydrogen and oxygen blasting away persistent coatings.
  • Oxygen oxidizes organic compounds.
  • Hydrogen reduces rust and manganese oxide and likewise destroys organic

The produced gas volumes are small and quickly recombine automatically to H2O.

The ASR® has proven to be efficient against organic and inorganic coatings. 

The goal of the ASR® cleaning is to defend against less than ideal water qualities.  


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