Innovation is the core for building analytical instrumentation. Kuntze delivers innovation.

Dr. Arthur Kuntze (Founder)

75 Years of Kuntze

As a family-owned business in the third generation, Kuntze is committed to combining tradition with innovation. With in-house production of electrochemical sensors and complete measurement solutions, Kuntze continuously enhances the standard for analytical instrumentation in Europe, North America and large parts of Asia. Kuntze sensors are chosen for their superior performance in a variety of applications and industry sectors: municipal drinking and wastewater, food and beverage, industrial process water, and pool/spa.


Kuntze Hubs



Quality Made in Germany

Sensor technology you can trust

The design and production of disinfection sensors is one of the key competencies of Kuntze today. All Kuntze sensors are designed, produced, and tested for quality assurance at Kuntze production facilities. In 2014, our production site was moved to Hartha, Germany, and was massively expanded and modernized in 2018.


Kuntze Throughout the Years

1945 Foundation of Dr. Arthur Kuntze, Düsseldorf, Germany

1973 2nd generation Dr. Reimut Kuntze

1984 Market entry into Sweden

1985 Opening of branch office Kuntze Instruments USA

1999 Market entry into Netherlands and Taiwan

2000 3rd generation Frank Kuntze and Dr. Verena Kuntze

2003 Relocation of Kuntze’s headquarters into a new building in Meerbusch, Germany
Market entry into France

2012 Opening of branch office Kuntze Instruments UK
Market entry into Austria and Denmark

2013 Foundation of Kuntze’s sensor manufacturing base in Hartha, Germany
Market introduction of the Neon® product series

2015 Introduction of the Krypton® measurement system

2016 Renaming from Dr. A. Kuntze GmbH to Kuntze Instruments GmbH
Relocation of branch office Kuntze Instruments UK

2018 Relocation into a new building of the Kuntze sensor manufacturing base in Hartha, Germany

2019 Relocation of Kuntze Instruments USA into a new building in Pittsburgh, PA

2020     Celebrating 75 years of Kuntze

2021     Expansion of sensor manufacturing base in Hartha, Germany