Bare Sensor Technology

Kuntze exclusively employs bare sensor technology, providing attractive advantages over both DPD and membrane-covered sensor measurements:

> No membrane or electrolyte replacements

> No reagents

> No moving mechanical parts

These advantages, in combination with our patented ASR® automatic sensor cleaning technology, make Kuntze sensors provide a consistent measurement even in challenging water conditions.

All Kuntze sensors are manufactured by Kuntze Instruments in Hartha, Germany.


Zirkon® DIS Measurement Principle

Disinfection measurement by Kuntze - English




  • Rapid sensor polarization and response time - install, calibrate, and measure within 15 minutes
  • Robust enough to withstand manual cleaning due to solid-state sensor design
  • Reduced maintenance due to ASR® Automatic Sensor Cleaning
  • Stable and accurate measurement even in challenging water conditions
  • Low lifecycle cost
  • No flexible membrane or electrolytic gel replacement
  • No reagents or consumable
  • No mechanical moving parts



Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR®)

  • Reduces operator maintenance
  • Improves measurement reliability and repeatability
  • Effective in challenging water applications