Kuntze Cloud Connect®

Key Features:

  • System location tracking
  • Centralized dashboards
  • 24/7 Measurement insights
  • Mobile reference measurement management via app (DPD2CC®)
  • Alarm and event notifications




Cloud connecT® overview


Intro to Cloud Connect®

Navigate through a quick tour of all the great information at your fingertips such as live measurement trends, system information, calibration values, and much more.


Kuntze Insights

Take a deeper look at system dashboards from the office, at home, or on the go. This type of data access allows higher level system operation, providing all system users with greater process insight!

Assist System Compliance

Kuntze’s goal is to help you stay within compliance. In addition to providing you with the best measurement to do so, we also provide you with features like data export and reference measurement management.

  • Kuntze CC Screen 1
  • Kuntze CC Screen 2
  • Kuntze CC Screen 3
  • Dpd management with the DPD2CC® App

    Connect your system to Kuntze Cloud Connect® and add DPD reference measurements directly from your phone.

  • View Data Trends

    Measurements are displayed in a visual line graph.

  • Keep Track of Your Logged Date

    Receive a log of your reference measurements taken.


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